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Keimyung Images: Aspiring towards 'Everlasting Keimyung'


When the Keimyung University was founded in 1899, there were images. The missionaries’ caring minds made the first page of KMU. Based on their love, new images appeared. The pioneers’ desire to create the best higher education institution at the risk of all kinds of difficulties bloomed on it. Further new images have emerged. There are Tabula Rasa, Keimyung Art Center, Keimyung Hanhakchon, Hengso Museum and Dongsan library. Even more new images will arise. It can be the moment of our future. The book named ‘KEIMYUNG IMAGES’ capture the moments. It is published as 13 languages- Korean, English, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Uzbek, and Vietnamese. When it comes to the contents, there are lots of images and descriptions from ‘The Name Stone Slabs’ to ‘The Keimyung Portrait, Tabula Rasa’. Besides, contents of the main gate, the pipe organ, the medical library, the first western apple tree in Daegu are included in this book. Indeed, KEIMYUNG IMAGES enables us to know the history and present of KMU. Now, it is time to make brilliant future!