Brief on KMU

A bird that symbolizes KMU, Hoopoe

 The hoopoe is a bird with a beautiful crown. While they are a migratory bird, many have become residents of our university and busily walk around the campus from early spring to the beginning of winter, diligently seeking food with their long beak. The hoopoe, also called a mulberry bird because of its love for mulberries, symbolizes luck, upstanding character, and loyalty.

 The hoopoe also appears in ancient Persian, Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese ancient tombs, as well as the Bible, as a bird of good luck that symbolizes virtue. In addition, there is a legend that a group of hoopoe once flew in and blocked the sunlight while Solomon was traveling. Hoopoes represent the balance and harmony between ideal and reality. A high crown means the exploration of ideals and truths, and a long beak means solving real problems. Although you may have seen these birds and never thought much about them, I would like to tell about the beautiful hoopoe.