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KMU Student Counseling Center to Host Mental Health Workshops

 A total of three preventive education events are implemented for KMU students in December. The program is held by the student counseling center. There are no restrictions based on department or year. The information for the workshops is as follows.  
 An internet addiction prevention education will be provided to prevent and resolve dependence on smartphones and the Internet for students who are disturbed by their dependence on the Internet and smartphones. Internet addiction prevention education will be held face-to-face on Thursday, December 2nd, and applications will be accepted until November 30th. Students can apply for this program in the comparison and program area of the Keimyung Student Portal. 
 There is also a workshop for students to learn the correct understanding of suicide phenomena that can occur in multiple dimensions and to provide lessons to help others in danger by conducting suicide prevention education. This training will be held on Tuesday, December 28th, and applications will be accepted until December 17th. 
The last workshop is related to drug addiction prevention education, which guides the rapid response system from the harmful effects of drugs and teaches health threats and how to deal with them in society. It will be held on Thursday, December 30th. Applications will be accepted until December 17th. 
 This psychological workshop, held by the Student Counseling Center, is held to develop the psychological stability of Keimyung University students and those around them. We hope many students apply. If you want to know more information about each preventive education, please contact Keimyung University Student Counseling Center (053-580-5744).