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Keimyung University held Corona Blue Art Exhibition



 According to Keimyung University, "Covid Blue, Healing with Art" is a special exhibition of hope sharing held at Hotel Interbulgo EXCO. The "Hope Sharing Special Exhibition" contains a message of hope that physical distance is inevitable, but emotional distance can be narrowed down to art. The exhibition, which will be held under a business agreement between Keimyung University and Hotel Interbulgo EXO, is designed to provide aesthetic healing to local citizens with fewer opportunities to enjoy culture and arts due to the prolonged COVID-19 crisis. At the exhibition, you can see 24 artworks and design items in various fields, and you can also see pure plagiarization. Keimyung University's Department of Art and Craft was established in 1964 and produced many talents who contributed to the art and design world.
 Yoon-hee Kim, a graduate of the Department of Arts at Keimyung University, said, "I hope that various arts and designs will be an art healing vaccine that opens a closed village for citizens." It would be nice to heal all the hard and hard hearts by visiting a special exhibition during such a mentally difficult time due to COVID-19.