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Chuseok gift set for Keimyung University students. 


Every year, Keimyung University provides support to students such as Chuseok gifts and Lunar New Year gifts At the Daemyung Campus of Keimyung University in Nam-gu, Daegu, on the morning of the 15th, student council officials delivered Chuseok gifts containing instant food and masks to students who are not returning home during the Chuseok holiday. Due to COVID-19, it was not  easy for students to go back to their hometowns. Therefore, quite a few students stayed at school, and for these students, the holidays must have been lonely. However, gift contains the desire to have as much fun as possible during the holiday through the school's Chuseok gift. Keimyung University's student president said,  "Some students are unable to go home due to COVID-19, but it is especially unfortunate that foreign students will have a lonelier Chuseok holiday than korean sstudents." I hope our hearts will be conveyed and we will have a little fun holiday, he said. There were 60 gifts at Daemyung Campus, and all the quantities were sold out, and the Seongseo Campus was also able to confirm the fast closing. It was confirmed that students took it without any burden because it focused on foods that were good to eat alone. For students who gave up returning home, these gifts would have come as a welcome and want to soothe the regret of not being able to spend a few days with their families.