Campus News

Dongsan Library's New Style



Keimyung University Dongsan Library is receiving a positive response after remodeling its reading room over the winter vacation through environment improvement work. The library aimed to change the classic style of reading rooms where only exam studying is done to a multi-purpose learning space. Through this new change of style, the university is hoping the reading rooms can be a place where students can strengthen their creative and self-directed study abilities. The atmosphere is not a strict atmosphere like a typical reading room, but more like the atmosphere of a cafe. Additionally, there is the Mobile Study Zone, a lab room where students can listen to internet courses on their personal laptops, and the Coworking Space for cooperation and discussion. At the Personal Study Zone, study rooms have been made for personal and group learning. The Reading Room has changed from narrow seats to open larger seats to encourage concentration and a pleasant mood for studying. With the Mid-Term exam week coming, visiting the new style of libraray is recommeded.