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Acquisition of University Institutional Evaluation


On December 19th, 2019, Keimyung University was reaccredited as a Best-case University related to social responsibility. The accreditation process occurs every five years, and only three universities were accredited among all certified universities. The university accreditation process aims at ensuring and improving the quality of university education to educators every five years. Keimyung University, which was selected as an excellent example of a socially responsible university, organizes and operates voluntary sharing using the Keimyung 1% love share in 2004. In this program, 900 faculty members collected approximately 400 million won each year. This money is used to support low-income people and overseas volunteer activities. Keimyung University plans to share the resources and capabilities of the universities with the local community, cultivate human resources through research and education, and to play a role in developing these resources within the region.