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Keimyung’s Outstanding Academic Fruit – the book of the year

A book published by Keimyung University Press has been selected as the best academic book by The National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea (NAS) in 2019. The name of the book is "From Identity Politics to Agonism Politics". The author is professor Cho Joo-hyun in the Department of Women's Studies at the Graduate School of Policy. The subtitle of the book is 'Methodology of women's studies and practical turn of feminism politics’. This book contains contents that indicate that identity politics reveals its limitation and has extended to agonism politics. It is well-suited for people who are interested in women’s studies, sociology and feminism to read. In addition, five other books from Keimyung professors were also selected. The fields vary from social science, psychology, police administration and Korean studies, and so on. We can look forward to the future of Keimyung University’s academic contributions.