Campus News

The Youth Employment Policy Festival 

Many university students are interested in finding a job. The KMU Job Center arranged a festival to try to encourage student that are applying for jobs. The festival title was the ‘2019 Youth Employment Policy Chicken and Beer Festival, and it was held in Daegu at the 2.28 Anniversary Central Park on June 28.
About 1200 students participated, and there were 15 booths such as a policy booth, experience booths, and counselling booth. The counselling booth provided 1to1 job counseling help in devising a plan for careers, and provided employment information and promotion about the Youth Employment Policy. 
Keimyung University was selected for this project in 2015 and established a Job Center. The center performs the control tower function for career and employment services at the university. They not only guide the government-funded Youth Employment Policy but also provide various project information and services.