Campus News

A youth talk show for local people and students opened at Keimyung University Hengso Museum on 5 May, 2019. Broadway musical actors Michael K. Lee visited and Kim Varhola joined, introduced and held a discussion with the audience. This talk show was facilitated by an English interpreter so people could understand and communicate easily.
Michael K. Lee debuted on Broadway and since mid-2000 has been very activate in Korea. In this show, he discussed about why refused to sign-on for the musical ‘rent’. “It is <Rent> so famous that everyone knew about and formalized for me. The special thing to me is the creation musical I could provide impetus new character.”?translated from a Korean translation of his original quote.

During the question and answer period, he responded to a question about what he does in his free time. He said he tries to keep healthy, and when he gets home, he plays and helps his son study . He tries to keep a creative life by spending time writing or practicing singing.