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A National Cultural Property in Dongsan Library

Keimyung University revealed that the Korean poem 'Sinpyeon Yuchwi Daedong Sirim' will be designated as a National Cultural Property the Cultural Heritage Administration on April 29, 2019.

It was written by 'Ryu Huiryeong' during the mid-Joseon period and consisted of seventy Korean poems. He wrote it for the purpose of collecting the entire Korean poems of that time. The scope of the poems was expanded from the Three Kingdoms period to the Joseon Dynasty, and the recognized authors were diversified, including even the monks of that time.

Dongsan Library’s collection will include 96 volumes of national cultural assets across 22 various types after the national cultural asset designation is granted. In terms of the number of national cultural properties designated, it is the largest among all private university libraries.

Choi Jae-sung, the director of the Dongsan Library said, "We will allow all Koreans to share the cultural assets that have been designated through the Dongsan Library's website." and "We will continue to excavate materials of high cultural value in the future."