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Keimyung University Daemyung Campus Festival

A festival for The College of Fine Arts and Artech College was held at Daemyung Campus May 14-15, 2019. The theme of this festival was that of a retro concept. The festival made old-fashioned style promotional posters and videos, and many students attended the event in retro costumes such as double denim fashion in line with the theme of retro. During these two days, there were activities such as a flea market, playing a game of memories such as jegi chagi. The final event of the festival was the performance and a tavern hosted by students at Daemyung Campus. The performance began with an opening performance by the student councils, singing and dancing performances, followed by special performances such as byungeom a Chinese mask play where performers change masks quickly, magic. The festival was successfully wrapped up with the active participation of both universities' student associations, academic associations, and students.