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Keimyung Job Center Received Top Grade

 Keimyung University was selected by the Korea Employment Information Service as the university with the top Job Center for the third consecutive year. The Job Center is a project designed to provide employment services that are specialized for students and local youth by integrating into the university infrastructure the functions related to starting a career.

The Job Center has been conducting various projects including providing various programs related to career and employment for students, as well as counselling for young students, graduates, and other university students in the region. In addition, the Job Center operates programs to enhance start-up skills and also, creates guide books. The Job Center provides a variety of practical help for local young people through government-funded programs such as the youth employment assistance fund 

The head of Job Center, Lee Seong Yong, said, “We will continue to operate the existing business and expand the programs associated with employment agencies in Daegu to serve as a bridge for the success of students, graduates and young people in the region.”