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Revitalization of intercourse between KMU and Uzbekistan

Shin Il-hi, the president of Keimyung University, was appointed as an honorary member of the Uzbekistan National Institute of the Arts during his visit to Uzbekistan in December. He was highly praised for his active support in arts and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Despite a strict review, the appointment of President Shin as an honorary member was unanimously agreed upon by the judges though it is particularly unusual to appoint a foreigner as an honorary member. At the ceremony, President Shin said that by emulating the pace of the opening of overseas higher education, he will make efforts to contribute to the development of culture and art as well as the development of education in Korea and Uzbekistan. President Shin Il-hi has decided to send about 2,000 government officials overseas annually to visit Uzbekistan's National Hope Foundation and to send about 30 university delegates to commandments in Uzbekistan.