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Experience the Ipchunchuk of Foreign Students


 In Korea, the day that announces the coming of spring is called Ipchun. Usually, it starts on January 24, but this year it is just before the Lunar New Year. So on January 30, five days before Ipchun, foreign students and college students wore hanbok and took pictures together in the Hanhak Village of Keimyung University.

 Ipchunchuk, which was experienced firsthand by foreign students, is a custom of writing on doors and pillars during Ipchun, and is believed to bring luck and health to those who write it. The students put their ipchunchuk, which was a message, given to them by their calligraphy teacher, on the Gyejeongheon Gate to celebrate. As Ipchun’s sentiment is "good luck in spring", we should be grateful that we can feel and see the spring.