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Territorial Policy and International Relations Conference

On September 14, the Border Research Center of Keimyung University and the Korea Political Science Association held an international academic conference at Keimyung University to analyze territorial issues and policies embraced by Korea, China, Russia, and Japan.
The academic conference was a place where researchers from Korea, China, Russia, and Japan could explore the effects of East Asian territorial issues related to the formation of the postwar international climate. The members sought solutions to modern problems under the theme of ‘Territorial Issues of East Asia and International Relations’. In the first section, ‘consideration of Diaoyu Islands attribution’ was presented from the perspective of China. In the second section, presentations concerning Russia’s policy towards the Kuril Islands were presented under the titles of ‘the development of fishing industry in the Kuril Islands’. Lastly, in the third section, issues around Dokdo and the South China Sea were discussed.