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Changmo Park Exhibition Titled ‘Dalsung Park’

Photographer Changmo Park who actively performs as a member of the Society of Modern Photographic Images and works for the PR Team of Keimyung University held his third solo exhibition titled ‘Dalsung Park’ at Daegu Arts Power Plant in September. Through this exhibition, Park displayed 41 art pieces illustrating Dalsung Park across four areas: those who visited Dalsung Park in 2018, images of Dalsung Park in the old days, animal spaces, and historic Dalsung earthen ramparts.
In particular, stories of the people who lived at that time were added to the images to make Dalsung Park more familiar to people. The representative work, ‘Dalsung Park and People’, excellently expresses people changing along with the flow of time and the image of Dalsung Park that always remains at the same place for a long time. Moreover, this exhibition which shows that the last traces of Dalsung Park is more meaningful because Dalsung Park is about to relocated.
Photographer Changmo Park also published a photograph collection book titled ‘Our Land, Our Life’ released in 2013 and two sourcebooks.