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KBIDC Concluded an Design Development


In Starcro Daegu Square, KBIDC (Korea Blockchain Internet Data Center) reached an agreement with KMU for the ‘Starcro’ Project, a national block-chain technology project. KBIDC is a crypto currency technology research and development company. KBIDC aims to develop block-chain technology and crypto currency to ultimately make Korea a suzerain state of crypto currency. They made an agreement with the Department of Industrial design and of Fashion Design at KMU for launching ‘Starco’, a crypto currency project. For this agreement, KBIDC offered about 20 million won in support for KMU. The professionals and professors of the Department of Industrial Design and of Fashion Design participated in this project. They will develop crypto currency, characters to represent it, and webtoon designs as well as educate the local talent in webtoon illustration. The representative of KBIDC said “Starco character development project is the first try in the world. It will be steppingstone to the world market.”