Campus News

Keimyung University Festival "Byeolhaje"

From May 9th to 11th, a total of three days, the Keimyung University Festival was held. The festival is called “Byeolhaje”, a pure Korean word that means to be a shining star. It means that students from Keimyung University gather in one place to enjoy the festival and hope to leap up to come a shining person, like a star. During the day, a special lecture and briefing session was held at each building of the Bauer Hall and Student Career Support Team, and at night, a singing and dancing contest was held in the stadium and the closing was decorated with performances.

In addition, there were various events such as the doppelganger contest, tricycle race, and people’s favorite cat festival. The part that was different from last year’s festival was that students did not sell alcohol at their own bars but sold mainly food, and there were more informative lectures available for students.