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Keimyung Volunteers in Ethiopia


Over the last several years, the Keimyung Volunteering Team has volunteered from Asia to Africa in countries such as China, Nepal, Vietnam. This year, the Keimyung Volunteering Team went to Ethiopia-Laos-Cambodia-Philippines. 140 volunteers are assigned from 30 to 33 to take care each villages. As Shin Ill-hee, the president of KMU, participated in the 16 Africa countries’ monthly meeting, this volunteer work began to gel. As a result, this volunteer work was accomplished to meet the requests of the Ethiopian ambassador to Korea. The village Addis Abada where they go is there where Ethiopia Korean War soldiers live in. 33 volunteers performed neighborhood improvements such as painting a mural, building a volleyball court, constructing a playground, and other such things. Further, they taught Hangul, Taekwondo, and K-pop dances for cultural education. After all their efforts in Ethiopia, they returned to KMU well on Feb 2nd.