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Startup Exchange withe Amity Iniversity

Seo Jae-Kyung, 5472588@stu.kmu.ac.kr

등록일: 2017-09-05 오전 1:23:37


Kyeimyung University concluded a start-up trade agreement with Amity university. It is part a network for students to do start-ups abroad. The local newspaper, ‘The Telegraph’, also had interest in it, and wrote an article about it. Keimyung Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship is on the way to constructing an advance start-up base and accelerating the vitality of start-ups. India has the 3rd largest start-up market in the world. Mr. Mody, the prime minister of India, presents ‘Make in India, Digital India, Startup India’ as 3 national agendas and aims to help start-ups flourish cross-nationally. As per this agreement, the students in both universities will get a chance to develop a start-up in both countries, Korea and India. They plan to manage cooperation and special start-up programs. Kim Chang-wan, the chief of Department of Venture Entrepreneurship, said “India already has high quality infrastructures and manpower to play a role as global advance start-up base”.
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