Campus News

Keimyung University held Female Engineering Week on July 18th. The event was designed to provide female students in the Daegu·Gyeong-buk region with information and a vision for majoring in science and engineering. About 200 female high school students participated in the event and had hands-on experiences with various chemical and automotive technologies.

Keimyung University was chosen for the promotion program for the advancement of local female talent in the field of science and engineering (R-WeSET: Regional-Women Empowerment in SET). In order to perform the project, Keimyung University established WISET (Women In Science, Engineering and Technology) and provides engineering experience programs, including engineering presentations, major experience, and idea·design contests.

Professor Ha Gi-ryong, who heads this program, said, "There is still a tendency for females to go to college. We want to contribute to and supplement the personnel and the development of regional economic development by nurturing female workers in science and engineering fields."