Campus News

2017 Keimyung Fashion Collection

The graduation exhibition for the Department of Fashion Design at Keimyung University was designated as a local festival. It was held at the ‘2017 Fashion Collection’ on May 12 for an hour in Dongsung-ro Square in front of the main Daegu Department Store.

This event was hosted by Dalsung Culture Enhancement and was sponsored by the Dongsung-ro merchants and TCN Production. It was prepared for Daegu citizens as one of the Dongsung-ro festivals which is supported by the Daegu Metropolitan City and Jung-gu Main Office.

The Fashion Collection of Keimyung University is recognized internationally as a progressive global fashion show hosted by an excellent fashion university. Also, it contributes to the development of the local industry as it demonstrated industrial-educational cooperation between local distributions and new designers.

The theme of this fashion show is ‘ANECDOTE’, and it includes a true story about sharing each designer’s dream through the fashion show. 53 seniors from the department of fashion design displayed 106 designs across 12 themes.