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KMU selected as 'LINC+ Project'

Keimyung University was selected for the ‘LINC+ Project’ conducted by the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea. It was also selected for the LINC Project in 2012, and has been implementing a college renovation system based on sustainable business cooperation for the past five years. Keimyung University set two goals for the LINC+ Project. The first is to establish a cooperative society that serves the community by utilizing the infrastructure built through existing projects. A second goal is to expand opportunities for employment. A further plan is to stabilize the Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation and strengthen the competence by establishing and expanding the Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Accreditation System. Keimyung University’s LINC+ Project leader Bang Dae-wook stated, “We will develop programs that will contribute to the community based on cooperation over the next five years.” Due to this project, industry-academic cooperation is expected to aid regional business and economic development.