Special Report

●Author: Raphael M.Bonelli
●Genre: Humanities
●Published: 2016
●Length: 328 pages

Recently our lives have become impoverished by not only economic problems but also inner troubles. We always focus on the outcome: good grades, perfect presentations and excellent skills in our chosen fields. These days our brains have only one formula: perfect results = a lot of money.

People want to be perfect, so they beat themselves up by comparing themselves to other people and getting jealous. People who try to be perfect exaggerate themselves. Unfortunately we respect them and try to be like them. In the book Betrayal of Perfection by Raphael M. Bonelli, he tells readers that they don’t have to be perfect. Perfection is not the way to reach the happiness.

Bonelli teaches us to not waste time trying to be perfect. He says that we first need to acknowledge that we are incomplete. Striving for perfection and failing makes a perfectionist very stressful, so they always want recognition from others. But they aren’t satisfied so they try harder. People can’t be perfect, so we should accept it and move on. If we can overcome our fear of imperfection, we can enjoy life without worries.
Second, we have to have temperance, or inner order, to get inner peace and freedom. Perfectionists lack this. Doing important things first and less important things second helps us use time efficiently. Perfectionists can’t do that. They get a lot of stress because they want to do everything perfectly. Because humans have limitations, they must recognize their limits.

Last is honesty. Honest people also have temperance. They do not get jealous of other people, unlike perfectionists. Jealousy doesn’t help humans get better. It make decrease humans mind. Philosopher Kant refer to jealous. Jealousy is not related to an individual’s property and knowledge, so we should always honest. We think and act objectively.

Perfectionists try to get the best results, but their achievements are wasted because they have no goals. They always worry about everything. For example, after plastic surgery became popular in Korea, many young people got plastic surgery on their eyes or noses to look like famous actors or, actresses. Why do young man get plastic surgery? It’s because they have body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). This disorder makes young people very stressed because. they think they are fat, ugly or have some other physical defect. This is very serious and can cause their deaths. These people are like other perfectionists, but focused on their bodies. Our society needs to change the view that outward appearance is very important to the mind is most important. Respect yourself. You are the only one in the world. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions. If you have a problem with trying to be perfect, read this book. This book can help you.