Brief on KMU

Guest Lecture by Kishimi Ichiro


A guest lecture by Kishimi Ichiro, the author of the best seller Courage to be Disliked, was held at KMU’s College of Business Administration on November 13. The theme of the lecture was a message that he hopes to convey to young people about philosophies of life.

Kishimi Ichiro believes that “We should not be afraid to be hated by others. If you are hated by someone, it is proof that you live by your own rules.” His ideas about relationships are based on the psychology of Adler. He also gave students under stress due to human relationships caused by harsh competition a variety of good advice.

He also said, “Praise is what a person at the top gives to a person beneath him. Praise is never a good thing because everyone is equal in their relationships.” During the question and answer session, he gave good answers to students’ questions about his book.

This lecture will air on November 28 on TBC.