Campus News

KMU Selected to Contribute to High School Education Normalization

KMU has been selected as a University Contributing to High School Education Normalization for the second year in a row. KMU will receive 680 million won. The program assesses the effect of university admissions processes on high school education and selects universities that run appropriate admissions processes for the project.

KMU will screen candidates in various ways such as focusing more on students’ school records, reducing the importance of Keimyung’s entrance examination, and increasing admissions for students from low-income households and rural areas to improve admissions processes. In addition, KMU has put a lot of effort into reforms such as a code of ethics for admissions, judging students’ ability or personality traits through cover letters, and a system for detecting plagiarism in cover letters.

KMU plans to expand the acceptance of students based on their high school records from 2891 people (54%of entering students) to 2905 (57.8%) by 2017. In addition, KMU plans to increase applications through portfolios of certificates, club activities, awards, and extracurricular activities from 788 people (15.2%) to 1502 people (29.9%).