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Letters from Readers

Kwak Chul-min, chulmin09@kmu.ac.kr

등록일: 2008-02-29 오전 11:54:43

It’s been a long time since I read the Keimyung Gazette. The Gazette was the first English magazine which I read at university. Therefore, it has very special meaning to me. The first Gazette I read was made up of 36 pages, and it did not have full-color pages. The 125th magazine was redesigned inside. I thought the effort was neat and well-done. Hopefully, KMG reporters will keep trying new attempts and styles.
As a big fan of the Gazette, I want to give them some advice. Hopefully, they will take these tips seriously. I think the Gazette has a lack of public relations. Some of the students in Keimyung University don’t even know about the Gazette, and some students don’t know when the magazine comes out or where to find it. The Gazette staff needs to advertise the Gazette to many students on campus.

The other problem is that the magazine is not fresh and it does not have hot issues. The news is old and already reported. I want fresh and special articles. As one of the Gazette readers, I would like to say thanks to the Gazette reporters for their efforts, and I hope they can make a better magazine.

By Lee Hye-min
(Dept. of Business Administration)

Every time the new magazine is published, I’m excited, and I feel thankful to the Gazette. When I go home on the subway, I can spend my time reading the magazine and get interesting information.

When I saw the Gazette first, I got a strong impression from the cover. The cover seemed to show how serious problems in the mass media, like using improper words and using unnecessary photos such as nude photos in Shin Jeong-ah, are. I also obtained new information about the civic reporter system of OhmyNews. I agree with the system’s slogan that anybody can be a reporter. If OhmyNews overcomes its weak points, I think it will be the future of journalism.

Secondly, I think the essay about the Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA) was good. I had never heard about the GMBA. Reading the essay, I thought that information is the biggest power to live in a global world. I also was interested in Cheongdo Wine Tunnel. It looks romantic. If I had a date in the tunnel with my future boy friend, it would be a great time. Thanks for introducing a good place.

I believe that the Gazette is a good friend of students who want to learn English easily because all of the articles in the magazine are interesting and not difficult to read. I hope the entire staff of the Gazette strives to provide much new and useful information for readers. I’m looking forward to the next magazine. Best wishes.

By Min Hye-min
(Dept. of Business Administration)

When I entered our school as a freshman, I was glad to meet new people and a new educational environment. Because the life of university is both a new start and a new opportunity, my expectation about university was bigger than anything. I have hope in university and everything that I read in our school is special to me.

On that score, the Gazette helps me. I am interested in English, so I enjoy reading the English articles. In addition, the Gazette has information about our school, society, culture, etc. It is very useful and helpful in knowing life. Above all, I think that the
Gazette is my English teacher because I want to be an English instructor.

In this month’s Gazette, each article was good and interesting. However, the article that impressed me was “Forging of Degrees in a Degree-Oriented Society.” This showed that Korea is a degree-oriented society. Koreans think university is a duty, and a degree is connected to wealth and power. The majority thinks students of top universities have good brains. In Korea, even if a student is very competent, the student is not recognized without a high level degree. Before I read this article, I always felt that our society is very unfair. In this atmosphere, we don’t expect to see society’s development, and there are possibilities for many incidents like this. After reading this article, my heart was more comfortable. I understood celebrities somewhat. If they are honest, they cannot be celebrities. I want an ability-oriented society to appear in Korean society. I think one of the most important things is that a degree doesn’t explain a person’s value.

Thanks to the Gazette, I learned many things. Finally, I want the Gazette to be continually published as a good magazine, and I send the Gazette staff my appreciation.

By Kim Gyeong-hun
(Dept. of Education)

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