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Letters from Readers

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등록일: 2006-12-12 오후 9:54:18

I have been interested in the Gazette since I was a freshman. The section "Color Psychology" was the most fantastic part in Gazette No.121. I love pink, so the pink of the page attracted my sight at first. I heard many times about "color therapy," but I didn't know well about it. But after reading the article, I could know each color's meaning. Nowadays, I can't sleep well because I'm worried about getting a job. The article said green helps to relieve stress and makes people composed. So I changed my bedclothes to green. Since that, I can sleep more than before.

Also the section "Live Clubs in Daegu" was interesting for me because these clubs enjoy live music and I like live music. I don't know about indie bands. However, I read this article and knew more information about indie bands. And I know that there are two clubs in Daegu. I want to go there. So, I thank the Gazette for giving me helpful information. And I hope many students read the Gazette and they can get more helpful news.

By Lee Kyo-jin
(Senior, Dept. of International Commerce)

Since I've known the Gazette, it has improved for readers. I heard the Gazette had opened a web-site this semester. I visited that site and it was quite good. Now I can read all of the Gazette articles wherever, whenever I want.

I could get a lot of information from Keimyung Gazette No.121. All the colorful pages made me feel that I could easily read it. "Better Campus Life" was the most useful article. As a freshman, it is always hard to register for classes. I got some good information about the easy way to register. Also, I have often thought that our university is beautiful, but I never thought about the reason why. The "Essay" was interesting to me and gave me pride in our university. In addition, I had a hard time reading the section called "Ubiquitous," but thanks for including a lot of information about it. I hope that it will have many effects soon in our life.

Of course, there are bad points in the Gazette. Even though the Gazette has many photos, most photos are small. I want to see good photos fill a page like others magazines. Also, the questionnaire had too many questions and it was a little boring, but it's a small problem. I think the Gazette has good possibilities. It provides not only useful information about school life, but also a chance to think about society and culture. I wish for the prosperity of the Gazette.

By Lee ji-jeon
(Freshman, Collage of Natural Science)

I was attracted to the beautiful pictures of pillars in “Keimyung’s Beautiful Campus.” Also, I happened across the figure, Professor Gong Sung-hun. So, I was concerned about him and read from that page. First, I thought this picture showed the Western architecture of pillars, but it also showed the beautiful campus of Keimyung University. This simple reason made me read the Gazette carefully. While reading, I turned up interesting things. They are “The Reading Room in the Library,” the questionnaire, and the cover story “Ubiquitous.”
I read "The Reading Room in the Library" and felt shame and amazement. Sixty-two percent of students in the reading room in the library answered "everyday" to the question, "How often do you go to the reading room?" Students like me go to the library everyday even in the face of school holidays! That amazed me and I am ashamed. I promised to study harder, but it was not maintained so long.

Next, I took a deep interest in “Ubiquitous.” Since I decided my major would be
Architectural engineering, I have heard ubiquitous & LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) repeatedly. This article is good for beginners. “Bin's Day” especially easy to understand and learn about ubiquitous. It let me read to the end of this article and I felt so good because there was something I wanted to know. It satisfied my desire for information about ubiquitous. I want to go to the Ubiquitous Dream Hall at the first opportunity.

Thanks to the Gazette staff who made this interesting issue. I already want to read the next Gazette.

By Kim Dong-hee
(Junior, Dept. of Architectural Engineering)
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