Are you addicted to your cell phone?

The Gazette asked 200 KMU students several questions about cell phones. I hope this survey will help you. We surveyed for two days on October 17 and 18.

1. Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a cell phone?
a. Yes 24%
b. No 76%

2. When did you first use a cell phone?
a. In elementary school 6%
b. In middle school 28%
c. In high school 54%
d. At university 12%

3. What do you consider when buying a cell phone?
a. Design 38%
b. Functions 30%
c. Price 18%
d. Manufacturing company 10%
e. Service 5%
f. Other 3%

4. Besides calling and messaging, what functions of your cell phone do you often use?
a. Alarm 34%
b. Camera and video 27%
c. Games 22%
d. MP3 player 10%
e. DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) 5%
f. Other 2%

5. How many messages do you send each month?
a. Less than 100 4%
b. 100 ~ 200 7%
c. 200 ~ 300 11%
d. 300 ~ 400 18%
e. More than 400 60%

6. How much is your monthly cell phone bill?
a. Less than 30,000 won 24%
b. 30,000 ~ 40,000 won 26%
c. 40,000 ~ 50,000 won 19%
d. 50,000 ~ 60,000 won 10%
e. More than 60,000 won 11%

7. Do you check your cell phone even though it doesn’t ring?
a. Never 7%
b. Rarely 42%
c. Sometimes 32%
d. Often 13%
e. Always 5%

8. If you left your cell phone at home, how would you feel?
a. Very uneasy 15%
b. Uneasy 41%
c. I don’t care 43%
d. Other 1%

9. Where is your cell phone during class?
a. In my pocket 40%
b. On the desk 31%
c. In my bag 26%
d. Other 3%

10. If anyone calls during class, what do you do?
a. Send a message after stoping the ring 40%
b. Call back after class 22%
c. Go out of the class and return the call 15%
d. Call during class 12%
e. Turn the phone off 9%
f. Other 2%

11. What do you do if you get a message during class?
a. Reply at once 74%
b. Reply during the break 21%
c. Other 6%

12. How do you feel when your cell phone battery is low?
a. Seriously uneasy 10%
b. Uneasy 42%
c. I don’t care 39%
d. Other 9%

13. Do you take your cell phone with you to the toilet?
a. Yes 46%
b. No 54%

14. What do you do with your cell phone while walking?
a. Put it in my pocket 40%
b. Put it in my bag 36%
c. Hold it 22%
d. Other 2%

15. Where is your cell phone at bedtime?
a. Beside my bed 43%
b. Beside my pillow 29%
c. On my desk 25%
d. Other 3%

16. How do you pay for your cell phone bills?
a. I ask my parents 68%
b. I work a part-time job 16%
c. I use pocket money from my parents 15%
d. Other 1%

Most KMU students use cell phones. Question 2 tells us that 6% of students started using cell phones in elementary school. Students used cell phones from early in life. Questions 9, 13, 14, and 15 tell us that most students always have their cell phone handy. However, we should turn off our cell phones during class. Thank you for answering our questions.