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Duryu Station

Duryu Station
Duryu Station is Daegu Urban Railroad Line 2 and is located on Dalgubeol-daero in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. Duryu Station originated from Duryu Intersection, which is called Duryu Station because there is Duryu Park nearby. Duryu Station has an underground shopping mall along with a subway station, and there are as many as 20 exits. 
The average number of daily passengers at Duryu Station was 13,023 as of 2023, ranking fifth in the overall number of Daegu subway lines 2. Except for Banwoldang Station, Daegu's largest busy street, it is the third most passengers get on and off after Yeungnam University Station and Yongsan Station. Due to the existence of the underground shopping mall of Duryu Station, it is highly accessible, attracting more passengers than other stations. In addition, the fact that Dalgubeol-daero and Duryu Park-ro are the main points of transportation, which increases the utilization rate of Duryu Station. There are Duryu Park, Kolon Outdoor Music Hall, and E-World near the subway station, which are used by many people regardless of age group.


Duryu Park & Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall
Duryu Park is an urban neighborhood park located in Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu. Since it was decided as a park in 1965, Duryu Park has been visited by many people as it has culture, teaching agreements, and sports facilities. Inside Duryu Park, there are E-World 83 Tower in Daegu, Duryu Library, various sports facilities that contribute to promoting citizens' health, and the Culture and Arts Center, a civic culture center.
Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall opened on September 29, 2000, and is the largest single concert hall in Korea and is located in Duryu Park. It can accommodate 27,000 people in a large grass square of 10,000 pyeong, allowing stage performances of various genres such as concerts, plays, and musicals. It can relax and enjoy performances in the open air, provide various cultural experiences, and serves as an open cultural space.
You can enjoy picnics at Duryu Park and Kolon Open-Air Concert Hall. You can either buy your own lunch box or deliver nearby food and relax on the grass. It is also a place where you can walk your dog a lot.  If you visit Doryu Park, it is also recommended to take a picnic, take a walk around the park or outdoor concert hall. 


E-World is a large-scale theme park located in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. E-World opened in 1993 and has been expanding since then, considering itself as one of the largest amusement parks in Korea. E-World is composed of various theme zones. It is divided into a fantasy world that includes a skyway where cable cars are operated and a ghost house, and an adventure world that includes famous rides such as bumper cars, jet races, and boomerangs. 
If you are a student at Keimyung University, you can pay with a discounted amount for E-World passes. You can buy a full-day pass for 22,000 won and a night pass for 12,000 won. This applies from March 11 to April 30, 2024. You can buy it at the E-World's annual group service center 5 after you bring your student ID or clicker. The same price applies to friends, lovers, and family members.  

Why don't you go to Duryu Park or Kolon Outdoor Music Hall for a picnic with your classmates who study together during your school days, or visit E-World and have some fun together? It would be great if you could spend time in warm weather and cherry blossom-blossom places. There are also discounts and various benefits for Keimyung University students. I recommend visiting Duryu Station and visiting Duryu Park, Kolon Outdoor Music Hall, E-World, and other various fun places to make various memories!