Cover Story

Essential KMU Mobile Apps

By Kang Seojeong, Park Soo-bin
Translated By Kwon Ga-Yeong


These days, everyone knows mobile apps make the world easier to navigate. At KMU, there are three mobile applications students should download on their smartphones. Let’s take a look at “Keimyung Academic Affairs Mobile”, “Keimyung Smart Check” and “Clicker”. 

The sole purpose of Keimyung Academic Affairs Mobile is to increase the access to academic and administrative information and to support mobile use of the EDWARD system. It does not support every function that the desktop version of EDWARD does, but it offers convenience for students. However, there are still many things to improve on this app since it was released in December 2022. For example, this app is only available in Korean, making it difficult for foreign students to use. Chung Man-joo, the head of the computer development team, said, "After the stabilization period during the last year, we are starting to add functions and improve errors from this year."  

Keimyung Smart Check uses Bluetooth technology to help automatically check attendance. When the professor starts online attendance check, the app is activated, and attendance is automatically recognized. In addition to that, students also can check their own record of attendance and absence for their classes. Attendance is often not recognized due to errors, but it still has the advantage of drastically reducing the time it takes to check attendance. The Bluetooth function used for attendance verification is only applied to students enrolled in the lecture, enhancing the security of the lecture. Also, this app provides some translation depending on your smartphone language setting. 

Clicker is used as an electronic library management system for several libraries, including the Dongsan Library. Students can use it as mobile student card to enter a library and use a reading room, laptop room and digital information room. In addition, you can check availability of seats and book seats in real-time. If you want to use a group study room, you can make reservations for study rooms and seminar rooms through this app. You can also customize the language through the app’s settings.