Spend your time in Korea to experience!

An interview with an exchange student from Vietnam, Tran Thi Thuy Vy

Interviewee: Tran Thi Thuy Vy / Exchange student from University of Economics and Finance, Ho Chi Minh City.


Q: Why did you choose your major, Korean Language?
A: Since high school, I have been really into Korean cultures like K-drama and K-pop. So, when it was time to choose, I choose Korean Language. 


Q: Why did you choose Keimyung as your exchange school?
A: My school gave me 3 Korean university to choose from. One of them was in Busan, another one in Chung-Buk, lastly it was Keimyung in Daegu. Because Busan has harsh accent, I thought it would be more difficult to study there. And Chung-Buk’s school was already filled. Also, my favorite idol was born in Daegu. So, Daegu got extra points.


Q: Was there anything different than you expected before coming to Korea?
A: Well, scenery is just like movies I watched. One thing is that I was not sure if I could make Korean friend with my rusty Korean. Because I heard making friends with Korean is tough. But when I just arrived, I had some trouble with dormitory. Then I reached out to a Korean girl nearby and she was amazing. She was super supportive and just nice. From there I began to think Koreans are friendly.


Q: What is your plan for future?
A: Before going back to Vietnam, I want to explore Korea. I would like to travel Seoul, Gyeongju, and Busan. After wrapping up this semester, I’ll head back to Vietnam for graduation, and I am aiming for top honor at graduation. So, I’ll study hard and get a higher score. I haven’t decided what to do after graduation, yet. Maybe I’ll take some gap year to figure things out with jobs or I can go for higher education at Keimyung again.


Q: Do you have something to say to your fellow exchange students?
A: I just want to say this. Spend your time in Korea to fully experience it. Enjoy the time you have here and learn as much as you can.