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Daegu Grand Park Station


Daegu Grand Park Station

Daegu Grand Park Station is located underground in Dalgubeol-daero, Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City, on Daegu Metro Line 2. Daegu Stadium, a general stadium, and Daegu Samsung Lions Park, a sports facility, are located around the station. Daegu Grand Park Station will be built in Daegu to expand a resting area for citizens, and will be built in zoos, botanical gardens, amusement facilities, youth facilities, and cultural facilities around the station, so the station was named Daegu Grand Park Station.
The daily number of passengers on the metropolitan railway using the Daegu Grand Park Station was less than 1,500 in 2010, but it has been reported that about 2,500 passengers have been using it every day since 2016. As of 2022, the average daily passengers were 2,831. It was the second least passenger station in the entire Daegu Line 2, but it increased significantly with the opening of Samsung Lions Park in 2016. Lotte Shopping Mall and Daegu Grand Park will open in Su-seong Alpha City in 2025, and the number of passengers will increase from now on.
Daegu Samsung Lions Park, Suseong Alpha City, and Daegu Grand Park are among the places to visit.


Samsung Lions Park

Among them, Samsung Lions Park is easy to visit because there is a subway station directly connected to the baseball stadium. The Samsung Lions is a professional baseball team belonging to the KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) League operated by Cheil Worldwide, an affiliate of the Samsung Group. It is one of the original teams that has continued since the beginning of the KBO League in 1982 and is based in Daegu. The Samsung Lions is a club with a lot of records, including 17 consecutive Korean Series titles, four consecutive wins, the most regular-season titles, and the most post-season titles. It is also the only club in the league that has never finished last. The Samsung Lions have eight Korean Series wins in total. The color of the Samsung Lions' Korean Series is blue, and there is a lion mascot named the Bleo Family! Samsung Lions gained popularity on a national level, and in the past, total attendance exceeded 600,000 people. Until now, it has maintained its popularity, consisting mainly of fans from the past, and young women and students who are newly targeted by the club.
All of them are connected when you exit the park. It is known to have the best access to the subway among the KBO's 10 teams. Samsung Lions Park is the first octagonal baseball stadium in Korea. It can also accommodate up to about 29,000 people, making it the largest number of baseball stadiums in Korea. In addition, visitors can enjoy a variety of foods while watching a baseball game at Samsung Lions Park. People can order some food from nearby areas, but in the stadium, they can also enjoy a variety of foods, including chicken, tteokbokki, dumplings, and pizza. There are also convenience stores and cafes, so if you need anything, you can easily get it without going outside.


This year, the baseball season begins earlier than usual. If you are bored once in a while, why don't you visit Daegu Grand Park Station on Daegu Subway Line 2 and watch a baseball game between the Samsung Lions and other teams, eat delicious things, and cheer hard for baseball? It will be a great experience to sing and cheer for the Samsung Lions' games and their cheerleaders found in Daegu. It is recommended to take the subway from Keimyung University Station and Gang-chang Station and visit Daegu Grand Park Station where you can have new experiences!