Cover Story

2023 Winter Degree Ceremony & 2024 Entrance Ceremony


On February 20, 2024, the 2024 Winter Degree Ceremony was held at Keimyung University's Seongseo Campus. The ceremony took place over several hours for each college and university. A total of 3,652 university degrees were awarded at the 2024 Winter Degree Ceremony. This is about three times the number of degrees awarded in the summer of 2023. A total of 235 graduate students, including general and special graduate schools, are enrolled in 68 doctoral degrees and 167 master's degrees. Unlike the 2023 summer degree ceremony, this graduation ceremony was held according to the college. Although the degree ceremony was not held due to COVID-19, it started again this time. Due to COVID-19, the ceremony for awarding degrees, which does not involve wearing a mask, has resumed. The graduates of Keimyung University also spent time celebrating their graduation by taking pictures in front of various buildings, including the main building of Keimyung University and Bauer Hall.
About a week after the 2024 degree ceremony, an entrance ceremony was held at Keimyung University's gymnasium on Feb. 28, 2024. At the entrance ceremony, a taekwondo demonstration was conducted by Keimyung University's taekwondo department. This year, 4,018 people, or 86.9% of the 4,628 people, were selected for the 2024 quota. A total of 619 people were selected on a regular basis.
For students graduating from Keimyung University, the end of the university is another beginning. Everyone's four years in college will be remembered as a precious memory for everyone. The fresh man who enter Keimyung University will also have good memories and experiences when they look back on their school life later. You will be able to live hard in the present, meet various experiences, and grow up with many people. Keimyung University, your classmates, professors, family members, and friends will cheer for your college life to shine and only good things. I wish you all the best in your life at Keimyung University!