Price of KMU Student Cafeteria

The student cafeteria is one of the places that college students often use. It is a place where students who are not economically rich can eat decent meals at low prices, and many students visit. Currently, Keimyung University also operates in Old Bauer Hall, New Bauer Hall, Aram Hall, and Welfare Center. Most of them are operated for a long time from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., so they can solve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

However, as prices have increased in most schools, including Keimyung University, the price of student cafeteria has also increased, causing resentment among university students. Among some students, there is also an opinion that "there is no reason to eat learning at this price." College students want to eat at a low price, but the basic price of student cafeterias is said to be between 5,000 won and 7,000 won. Currently, Keimyung University's student cafeteria is also priced at more than 5,000 won.

It's not that college students didn't do anything while the price of student cafeterias increased. The National University Student Network held a press conference in front of the Presidential Office to oppose the increase in the price of learning and urge the expansion of breakfast by 1,000 won, but no action was taken.
Currently, the price of student cafeterias is increasing in most schools, including Keimyung University, what do you think?: Price hikes due to price hikes are natural vs. excessive price hikes put a strain on college students.

<Lowering the Price of Student Cafeteria is Necessary>

The university's student cafeteria should operate at a low price. Most of the people who use the student cafeteria are students attending the school. If a student cafeteria is set at a high price, it will not be much different from eating at an outside cafeteria. If the price difference is not significant, there is no need for a student cafeteria to exist. Currently, the price of all goods is increasing at the same time due to inflation, but I think there is a problem if the things that should be cheap are not. If the price of food is too high at a target cafeteria, it is expected that students will feel burdened and will not use the student cafeteria often. Currently, many college students also say that the price of student cafeterias is too high, so this problem needs to be improved. So I think most schools, including Keimyung University, need to lower food prices in student cafeterias.