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University Student's God life


God life Trend
God life means a new word combining, which means God, and which means life. It means living a hard life deliberately every day. In other words, it means a lifestyle of living productive work without wasting time.
Most of the production and consumption of content about 'God life' is centered on Generation Z. Generation Z classifies from the mid-to-late 1990s to early 2010s, and most are currently high school or college students. Therefore, most "God life Vlogs" currently contain the daily lives of college students. In the past, there was a saying in Korea that "you can play when you go to university," but this has become an old saying. The appearance of college students living in tight plans is different from the unilateral college life that people now think of. Even among students who are not preparing for employment, the perception that they should live God life quickly spread.


God life Daily Life: Students Experience
A student who is currently in the Sophomore of philosophy at Keimyung University said that he wakes up at 7 a.m. every day, eats breakfast and starts his day by exercising. Before and after class, he said he always used a study cafe or library to study and go to school classes. Even after all the school classes are over, students study their majors and prepare for extracurricular activities in libraries and cafes. Every day at 9 p.m., he accesses his Zoom study and participates in a newspaper scrap study, and he is busy doing tasks to be certified in this study every day. He also said that he participates in the ensemble three times a week as an executive of the band club and is a member of the Spanish study group to prepare for exchange students.
In addition, Junior of Department of economic student vowed to study and do assignments that he could not complete for about an hour and a half, which is the time to commute to school. In addition to school life, various external activities and studies such as student associations, conferences, press corps, and volunteer activities are carried out at the same time. As a result, he said he rarely has a day off. He said he once thought he would not be able to keep his plan because he had a lot of work to do. He said that if he has an appointment, he will keep his promise and keep his daily plan, even by reducing sleep. The student said, "I feel very sorry for my freshmen student because I was busy with my meal appointment at the beginning of the semester and delayed it." In addition, on the day of the debate competition, the student said he participated in a meeting of activities other than after-party after the competition.


In Other Places than School
This God life was permeated into the daily life of college students, not universities. It was found in a really close place, not in major studies, external activities, and volunteering. Miracle Morning, which goes to bed early and wakes up early, was also part of God life. He said he has a habit of going to bed early and waking up early, minimizing the time he wastes and receiving a great sense of accomplishment. 
In addition, working out hard and recording today's exercise can be part of it. We can buy Godlife in a variety of areas other than exercise, including working hard to build a body and taking body profile to show it off, taking a 30-minute walk every day, and so on. If you plan and practice obtaining various certificates and learning various languages to be recognized for your skills, you can say that you live a so-called God life.


The Reason Why It is Popular?

This word appeared and began to be used in earnest after COVID-19. In particular, the number of search terms has increased exponentially since November 2021, increasing by about 50 times in January 2022 compared to October 2021. For this reason, interest in "God life" seems to have skyrocketed due to the prolonged COVID-19 and plans for the 2022 New Year.
As people lose their previous daily lives due to self-isolation or social distancing, the time spent alone at home has increased, and people are more likely to feel lethargic and depressed. In addition, the increase in anxiety not only in daily life but also psychologically as the schedule changes from time to time is one of the reasons for the sudden popularity. This unpredictable and unfamiliar situation has also led to the emergence of the word 'corona blue'. To overcome this, Generation Z set up its own routine to achieve small but certain achievements. Since this can start anytime, anywhere without restrictions, it has become a good way to overcome difficulties from the pandemic to now, when people have not gained a sense of accomplishment through interpersonal relationships and external activities.


The Side Effects of God life: Burn Out
There were also side effects of living hard every day. A third-year student in the Department of International Relations goes to school I decided to take a leave of absence. While taking 15 credits, he also took on various mentoring and volunteer work and played the roles of reporters and newspaper reporters on campus. She thought it was essential to try various activities and experiences in her early 20s. However, burnout also came to her, who was running forward for the future. Burnout refers to the form of a person who is immersed in a specific task complaining of physical and mental fatigue and becoming lethargic. In addition, because there is one body, they cannot do everything at once, and they are disappointed with themselves repeatedly. And it was for dreams and happiness, but now it was a choice to put myself on the brink. 
Now that "God life" has become a trend, what many young people want is a standardized pattern. There is living to set specific goals and complete this plan. But this is also one of many types of life. It is necessary to consider whether it is desirable to establish this lifestyle as a culture among young people. Around me, this word means "Let's live hard." However, just because you haven't lived the life that this word means doesn't mean you'll be eliminated, so I hope everyone avoid feeling ashamed or disappointed.