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The War Memorial of Korea

The War Memorial of Korea, located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, is Korea's representative military museum and the first war history museum in Korea. The War Memorial of Korea is divided into indoor and outdoor exhibitions, and there are approximately 6,300 exhibition pieces.  

The indoor exhibition consists of spaces with various themes, such as The Memorial Hall, The War History Room, The Korean War Room, The Expeditionary Forces Room, The ROK Armed Forces Room, The Exhibition Hall for Donated Artifacts, and The Exhibition of Large Military Equipment. Next to the War Memorial of Korea is the War Memorial of Korea Children's Museum, so it is a good place to come and learn about history with your family.  

As you enter the main gate of the War Memorial of Korea, you can see The Korean War Monument. If you walk along the main gate, you will see the Peace Plaza and Monuments for the UN Forces. In addition, you can see various facilities such as the Ho-guk Park, the Statue of Brothers, the Clock Tower of Peace, and the Roll of Honor. 



On the first floor, there is an exhibition room for the history of war which contains large military equipment, and it is composed of a space where you can actively learn about history. The second floor is the entrance to the exhibition hall. Upon entering, there is an exhibition space related to the Korean War and a planning exhibition room. There is also an area where you can directly experience war-related simulations. In addition, there is a Memorial Hall on the second floor where you can commemorate the war dead, so it is recommended to pay tribute to war-related victims and soldiers. The third floor is composed of spaces related to the international community that participated in the Korean War. It consists of various spaces such as the UN room honoring the UN forces who fought in the Korean War, the Expeditionary Forces Room, and the ROK Armed Forces Room. 

In order to look around the War Memorial of Korea, which is composed of various materials and provides a vast amount of data, it is recommended to set aside enough time so that you can carefully look around. It is a memorial hall where you can learn the seriousness of war and the importance of peace. 

The War Memorial of Korea is open every day except Mondays from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. Please note that the last admission time is 5 p.m. If you want to learn more about Korea's war history and the Korean War, it's a good idea to visit the War Memorial of Korea. Scheduled commentary is given every day at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, so if you want to hear detailed stories, you can apply at the front desk of the exhibition hall. There is also a course recommended for visitors to Korea provided by the War Memorial of Korea. It is recommended to first see the Peace Plaza and Monuments for the UN Forces, then the 6.25 War Room on the 2nd floor, then the UN Room and The Expeditionary Forces Room on the 3rd floor in that order. You should observe the war memorial quietly with respect for the atmosphere of the museum. For more information, visit The War Memorial of Korea website (http://www.warmemo.or.kr) or contact the official phone number (02-709-3114).