What is your tip on making friends with new people?

(Interviewee: Lee Na Young/Department of Tourism Management/Korean Student) 


I think that the best way to make friends in the new semester is to use snacks. In Korea, there is a culture of sharing snacks with other people, so I think sharing and eating candies with others and being friends at the first time. In the process of talking to each other while recommending snacks, I think friendship will deepen a little. I think the first step in making new friends is light snacks, and then find common interests and talk to each other. Talking about MBTI, which is popular in Korea these days, I think you can have a light small talk. Through this process, I think it is a way to relax our guard against each other and make friends. But, as you know, the most of important thing is having the mind that you want to make new friends by yourself and try to get close to others.