When was the most embarrassing moment after entering the campus?

When I entered the university, all the classes were done through zoom class due to the Corona virus.  So I had

no chance to get to know my classmates. I thought it would be good to take online classes  because I didnt have to go to the school but after few months of taking online classes, I really wanted to go to school.  I believe for most of the freshmen, it would be their fantasy to go to school and hang out with friends, going to MT, field trips. And I also began to miss those things. Even though I entered university, I had no one to spend time with and travel with. So I was so excited to hear that the classes are done in the school face to face and thought it would be so fun to actually meet my classmates. Before meeting each other, we communicated on social media and thought we are already close so that we would not be akward when we actually meet. But when we actually met at the school, all of us was so awkward just like meeting someone for the first time. Furthermore the biggest embrassing moment was when professor told us to sit with our groups but we did not know each other’s face and were not able to find each other. It was kind of ridiculous because we have been communicating for several months.