The Things Left After Leaving


"At the last moment, what is left of us?” Sae-byeol Kim, the author of this edition’s book review, became interested in life and death with the sudden death of his friend and was impressed by the appearance of a funeral director who carefully cares for the last moment of his friend and started to work as funeral director. It was an opportunity to organize the deceased's belongings at the request of one family member. After this, Sae-byeol Kim changed his job to became a deceased belongings organizer which he did for 15 years. The Things Left After Leaving is a collection of the life of the deceased and the last stories left by the deceased, which the author found during his work.


We weep and express our condolences when we see people who have lost their families in an accident or when we see a sad incident in the news. As such, death gives us a chance to stop and look back on our lives, which are hit by busy daily life. In this book, the author tells the reality that he faces every day at the scene of death, such as a lonely middle-aged lonely death, a young man who suddenly died in a single room in Gosiwon during a terrible reality, and a parent who hugs the body of a child who is unrecognizably injured. The author conveys the message that the various deaths that have been presented for the readers in the book may one day be encountered by me, or that my beloved family may experience them. So, it reminds readers once again of the importance of life. 


While facing many scenes of death, the author realized that it was a great fortune to be given to one in a thousand people for them to be able to meet their last moment calmly. The author wants to convey the importance of daily life through the 7 Commandments for Beautiful Finishing at the end of the book. After reading the book, you will realize the meaning of death, the value of life, and the importance of everyday life. So, I recommend this book to readers who want to find room in their life  that is busy and full of regret.