Juvenile Justice

  • Director: Hong Jong Chan
  • Genre: Drama
  • Running time: 595 minutes


 Juvenile Justice is a Netflix original drama that was released February 25, 2022. It is a legal drama that deals with the theme of the Juvenile Act and the Criminal Underage System. A total of 10 episodes will feature famous Korean actors such as Hye soo Kim, Moo yeol Kim, Sung min Lee, and Jung eun Lee. It tells the story of Eun seok Shim (actor Hye soo Kim), a judge who hates juvenile offenders, being newly appointed to the juvenile department of a district court. Juvenile Justice deals with episodes based on actual incidents that have caused public outrage and focuses on juvenile crimes that are becoming bolder through the abuse of the Juvenile Act. 
 This drama deals with various real events. The actual cases covered in the work include the murder of elementary school students in Incheon, domestic violence, a juvenile protection center, high school test paper leakage, traffic accidents involving unlicensed drivers, school violence, high school girls' mass sexual assault, and a murder involving brick throwing. As we watch episodes with the understanding that the events actually happened, we ask again how our society should treat juvenile offenders. By showing various viewpoints in the background, punishment, and edification of boys committing crimes, it makes them consider revising of the Juvenile Act once again. 
 The drama contains various scenes and elements that strengthen and dispel prejudice against juvenile offenders. Watching this drama, you should take time to think about whether it is fair for criminals to receive a reduced punishment just because they are minors.