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Trip Along the Palgongsan


With the advent of Omicron, expectations that COVID-19 could end at the end of last year have disappeared. In addition, with the implementation of stronger distancing than in the early days of the outbreak of COVID-19, the social atmosphere of the New Year is also tight. Overseas travel is unthinkable, but even in Korea, you cannot go around freely. This is because it is a time when one needs one's own attention for the safety of everyone even if it is frustrating. But if you still want to leave, let's turn to untact destination. This is because new untact travel destinations are emerging one after another as the atmosphere of preferring safe travel has strengthened again due to the prolonged COVID-19.
    Donghwasa Temple, the best temple in Palgongsan.
It is the largest and most colorful temple in Palgongsan Mountain. The entrance is two places: Bonghwangmun and Donghwamun. Donghwamun is close to Daeungjeon Hall, but even if it is a little far, Bonghwangmun is good to walk with the graceful atmosphere of the valley. There are many eye-catching things in the temple, like Chenwangmun. The name means that it emphasizes the function of the Four Heavenly Kings who protect the temple. And Bongseoru is a representative pavilion of Donghwasa Temple. A square stone pillar was erected, and a wooden pavilion was placed on it. In Daeungjeon, edge tower attract attention. The thickness was different, and white wood was trimmed to make it a tower. Although there is no uniformity or tidy style, the wood is used as it is to preserve the stability and natural beauty of the building. It shows the characteristics of Korean wood construction using the natural characteristics of building materials.
    Palgongsan Cable Car
If you go up the mountain by the Palgongsan Cable Car, you can reach 820m above sea level in 7 minutes. Even for a short time, it is enough to enjoy spring and summer fresh green, autumn colors, and winter snow scenes. When you climb the observatory, the range of Palgongsan spreads out like a folding screen. Beyond Camel Peak, you can see Birobong Peak, the summit, and the sharp ridges on both sides reveal their majesty with their arms wide open. Standing against Palgongsan, downtown Daegu is under your feet. It is recommended to ride a cable car in the morning when there are few users. Love Garden, built on the west side of the observatory, is a space for lovers. It was created under the theme of beautiful, true, eternal, healthy, and happy love. You can put up the lock that pledges love and friendship through each tunnel. The key can be thrown into the ‘eating tiger’ at the entrance of Love Garden.
    Korea's only exhibition hall specializing in Bangjja, Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum
It is the only museum specializing in Bangjja in the country to preserve and transfer Bangjja, a traditional cultural heritage of Korea, and to promote its excellence. Yugi refers to a bowl made of brass. It is divided into jumul Yugi made by pouring brass water in a certain frame and Bangjja Yugi made by heating over a fire. Of course, Bangjja, which requires a lot of human hands, is more beautiful and expensive. The Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum displays the organic production tool of National Intangible Cultural Property No. 77, the history and type of organic matter, and the production process in an easy-to-understand manner for visitors. Born after tapping thousands of times, the golden Bangjja shows the wisdom and artistic sensibility of our ancestors. You can watch promotional videos of Bangjja in the video education room on the first basement floor, and search for gongs made of Bangjja at the outdoor experience center.
    Palgongsan Eco-Friendly water parsley Farm
Every spring, gourmets from all over the country visit the foot of Palgongsan. This is to taste water parsley grown on the fresh wind of Palgongsan and clean groundwater. Thanks to the daily temperature difference of 10℃, water parsley in Palgongsan is rich in taste and aroma. It is cultivated using eco-friendly farming methods by fully utilizing the cleanliness of Palgongsan and the advantages of water supply protection areas. In particular, water parsley is characterized by its rich underground rock water, which is rich in minerals that is good for the growth of water parsley. You can taste the water parsley you picked yourself at the Palgongsan Eco-Friendly water parsley Farm. If you take pork belly, salt, and kimchi, you will be provided with a grill and a burner for 5,000 won. Don't miss the spring delicacy that can only be tasted for a month.
    Daegu Safety Theme Park
Daegu Safety Theme Park is a comprehensive safety experience center operated by the Daegu Fire Safety Headquarters. In the wake of the Daegu subway fire disaster that killed nearly 200 people in 2003, it was established to enhance citizens' safety awareness and disaster response ability through practical experiential education on accidents in daily life. According to the instructions of the firefighters, they escape from the smoky subway, protect themselves inside buildings shaken by earthquakes, and try to extinguish the fire at home. You can also experience hiking safety and cardiopulmonary resuscitation education, and escape from the monorail of Daegu Metro Line 3 through the descending force. Children and infants can also receive disaster preparation training at their level. The outdoor area is equipped with children's play facilities such as curved slides and rock climbing.