Ulsan Sanjeon Cartoon Library



  • Ulsan Sanjeon Cartoon Library is the first cartoon library in Ulsan.


Q1. Please briefly introduce yourself.
I am a librarian working at the Ulsan Sanjeon Cartoon Library. My work is to organize books and guide people to use the library. In addition, I am checking people for fever and QR code due to COVID-19.


Q2. Can you introduce the Ulsan Sanjeon Cartoon Library?
Ulsan Sanjeon Cartoon Library, the first cartoon library in Ulsan, is located on the second floor of Sanjeonmaru (32-1, Sanjeon 6-gil), Jung-gu, Ulsan. It has a children and general cartoon reference room, a cartoon creation room, and a preservation library. It also has a total of 7,980 comic books, including adventure (fantasy), pure love, reasoning, and learning cartoons. It is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every Tuesday to Sunday and is closed on Mondays and legal holidays. There are book sterilizers and book search counters to match the name of the comic book. Due to the nature of comic books, book lending is not possible, and only reading is possible. There is no time limit and fee, so you can read the books you want comfortably.


Q3. Who usually uses the library?
It seems that many teenagers who like cartoons usually come to the library. In addition, children and parents come together, and adults often come to enjoy comic books. This library is a good place to visit with children because it has a drawing table and children's education books for children who visit with their parents. Besides, cartoon lovers often use this cartoon library.


Q4. Can you introduce any programs currently running in the library or scheduled to run?
Currently, the library has set up four private spaces equipped with tablet computers to enjoy webtoons as well as comic books. In the children cartoon reference room, there is a desk light box that can be drawn along the main character of a favorite fairy tale and cartoon. In addition, there is also a cartoon creation room that provides professional lectures related to cartoons. It plans to run professional lectures for students and the general public soon, such as cartoon production and picture writing (for example emoticons). In addition, Korean cartoonists such as Lee Hyun-se and Hwang Mi-na will hold special exhibitions to provide adults with time to return to childhood.


Q5. When will the library provide professional lectures such as cartoon production and picture writing (for example emoticons), and how will the library receive applications?
Specific action plans for professional lectures such as cartoon production and picture writing (for example emoticons) have not yet been prepared. This is because it has not been long since the library was opened. If the lecture is to be held later, it will be recruited from the Jung-gu Integrated Library site, so you can apply by accessing the site.


Q6. Why is there is no separate Ulsan Sanjeon Cartoon Library site?
Comic books cannot be borrowed from the library, so a separate site wasn't created. Brief information on the library can be easily found on the Jung-gu Integrated Library site, and for more information, contact Ulsan City Hall.


Q7. Is there anything else you want to say?
The Ulsan Sanjeon Cartoon Library is a place where you can access webtoons and cartoons, which are promising industries in the future. In addition, it is a place where experience and education are conducted, so please pay a lot of attention and participate. I recommend visiting the Ulsan Sanjeon Cartoon Library, a place that gives not only children but also adults a comfortable rest.