Don’t look up



  •    Director: Adam McKay
  •    Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Rob Morgan, and many others
  •    Age of viewing: For those over 15 years old
  •    Genre: SF, Comedy, Black Comedy
  •    Running time: 138 minutes
  •    Available platform: Netflix

 The story is about astronomy graduate students and who find that a comet orbiting the solar system has entered an orbit that directly collides with Earth. However, no one cares about the uncomfortable news that an Everest-sized comet is approaching and will destroy the Earth. Starting with the US president and her son, who is also the chief of staff, who are indifferent to the comet crash, the two informed the media of the dangers of the situation, but people only took the comet falling jokingly. The time until the comet crashes is only six months. News and information are poured out and people are immersed in social media, but this important news does not attract public attention. It's about how the world can look up at the sky. 
 The movie openly expresses academic elitism and individualism and shows people who consume only stimulating elements of the media. This movie is a black comedy film that satirizes the current era in which modern, sane people who cannot make rational judgments and have a rational and objective perspective are treated like crazy people. 
 I hope many students will watch this movie and think about whether the society we live in is looking at the truth, and what efforts will be needed to have an objective perspective in an environment where it is difficult to obtain correct information due to being limited to the media.