Ron's Gone Wrong



  • Director: Sarah Smith/Jean-Philippe Vine
  • Running time: 106 min
  • Genre: Animation


 Have you ever imagined being friends with a cell phone or tablet in your hand? In the movie "Ron’s Gone Wrong," Barney is alone without friends at school, because he doesn't have a Vivot. One day, he gets a Vivot loan as his birthday present. But Ron doesn't know anything about Barney, and he doesn't even have a network connection. Barney thought he couldn't make perfect friends with the broken Ron. However, he built a special friendship by experiencing free-spirited and unique theories and various adventures. The timid Barney and the free-spirited Ron build friendships differently. Gradually, they realize the meaning of 'together' and become true friends. People deeply moved by Barney and Ron, who are willing to sacrifice and grow for each other. In particularly, getting used to online friendship and immersing in the digital world raises questions about human relationships and reminds us of the meaning of true friendship and true communication. Director Jean Philip Burn, who co-directed the film, said, "Human beings are completely surrounded by technology, technology has become a necessity for life, and we are increasingly exposed to similar interests."