Musical Notre Dame De Paris



  • Performance Period: December 10th (Fri) to December 26th (Sun), 2021 (No Monday performance)
  • Running time: 150 minutes (20 minutes intermission) 
  • Performance hall: Keimyung Art Center


 Notre Dame De Paris will be held from December 10th to December 26th at the Keimyung Seongseo Art Center. Notre Dame De Paris is based on the French novelist Viktor Hugo's full-length novel Notre Dame De Paris. It's a French musical. The musical Notre Dame de Paris is a song-through musical consisting only of songs from the beginning to the end without any spoken lines. While it might seem boring in that there are no lines, it is a performance that has been loved around the world since 1988 for its beautiful music, poetic lyrics, and dynamic stage composition.  
 The musical team visiting the Keimyung Art Center this time is the French original team and you can listen to the original songs known as "The Age of the Cathedral," "Bohemian," and " Belle is the only world." You can also listen to music in advance through the official website ( with a performance in Korea before watching the performance.