Let's Go on a Visit

Ulsan in Harmony with Mother Nature


 Ulsan is a city bordering Gyeongju to the north and Busan to the south. It is the most representative industrial city in Korea and many people regard Ulsan as an industrial city. However, in recent years, the city has been transformed into an ecological city, and beautiful travel destinations harmonized with Mother Nature are emerging.

 One of the travel destinations is Ulsan Daewangam Park, a tourist attraction that is also good for a travel date in Ulsan. Ulsan Daewangam correspond to the tip of the sharpest part toward the East Sea to Southeast end of Korea. Admission is free and the spacious parking lots and amenities are good, so you can stay for a long time. Various experience spaces are located in the park, and the sea route course leading to Seul Island along the coastline is splendid. The scenery is harmonized with the sea and forms a superb view. The walking trail while watching the waves and blue waves swaying in the sea breeze is beautiful enough to relieve fatigue.

 On July 1st of this year, the longest suspension bridge on the sea was built in Korea. The suspension bridge of Daewangam Park is Ulsan's first suspension bridge and connects between the protruding terrain Heotgaebi and Surubang, a coastal promenade of Daewangam Park. To date, it is said that it is the longest among the suspension bridges in the country. Daewangam Suspension Bridge can be found if you go toward the A promenade (Legendary Rock Road), which is located on the west of the park. Along the trail, there is a coastal promenade where you can see Ilsanji Beach. It is said that densely planted pine trees create shade, and purple the broadleaf liriopes bloom beautifully along the road. If you follow the coastal promenade, there is also an observatory, which is good for taking pictures against the backdrop of the sea, and for reading stories about Min Island in the distance. In addition, the park stays open at night, so it is good to take a walk and see the night view not only during the day

but also at night.

 If you want to see another part of Ulsan's nature, I would suggest the Taehwagang National Garden. Ulsan National Garden was created as an eco-friendly ecological park by improving the water quality of the Taehwa River, which was originally used as a garbage dump. Once you enter the garden, you will be greeted with a huge park. In the Taehwagang National Garden in Ulsan, it is enjoyable just to enjoy the various facilities such as the Meeting Plaza, a Wooden Yard, and a Theme Bridge. Moreover, it is worth visiting by creating a walkable forest path such as Siblidaebat and a Bamboo Eco Park. There is the Romantic Garden that change in various forms over time and in different light, and Oseowon which is an ecological garden that is full of crows and egrets. In the park, you can ride a bicycle and heal with various fragrant plants. In addition, you can capture many pretty photos through photo zones everywhere.

 If you want to travel while also healing your body and mind in nature, as well as take beautiful photos, I recommend to travel to Ulsan, which has various charms the more you get to know it. The nature of the sea and forest will be waiting for you.