Internship in IDCC  


( Picture of me working at the Daegu International Development Cooperation Center office.) 


In this article, I interviewed a student from KAC majoring in International Relations who is having an internship in the International Development Cooperation Center (IDCC).    


A. Can you introduce yourself?   

Hello! My name is Jeon Suhyeon, a student in KAC majoring in International Relations. I am currently working at the Daegu International Development Cooperation Center, located at Keimyung University Dongyoung Hall, as an ODA (Official development assistance) execution agency project Young Professional (YP) for the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).  


B. What is IDCC?  

The Daegu International Development Cooperation Center (IDCC) was established by Daegu, Korea International Cooperation Agency, and Keimyung University to enhance understanding of public development aid and international development cooperation in Daegu and Gyeongbuk areas and to promote ODA participation of other organizations in the community. The Daegu IDCC has established itself as an ODA education platform in the region through regular education of ODA for college students and residents and by global citizen education for elementary junior, and high school students. It holds various ODA projects and operates a network of Daegu and Gyeongbuk ODA projects. 


C. Why did you apply for an internship at IDCC?  

I had an experience in a native village near the Mexican-Guatemalan border for a month after finishing my exchange student life in Mexico in 2019. Spending some time with the village people, I was able to observe many problems, including poverty, gender issues, lack of water resources and other issues in their life. While observing these issues, I wondered how an indigenous society can be developed. Since then, I have been aware that the answer to my wonder is 'international development cooperation'. Since May last year, I participated in the study group of Daegu International Development Cooperation Center and steadily studied this field. After that, I joined KOICA ODA YP to build practical experience.  


D. What kind of work are you doing in your internship?   

I manage global citizen education for elementary, middle, and high school students and provide administrative support. Also, I promote IDCC ODA through SNS, card news, videos, and newsletters. 


E. What is a significant difference between being a student and a worker?   

The biggest difference between being a student and working is in time management. As a student, there is an advantage of using extra class time to build your career by developing your plan your way. Currently as a worker, I start to work at 8:30 am and go home at 5:30 pm every weekday. I have the same routine, and I consider the schedule of the company more than my personal schedule. 


F. Can you give a brief tip for students who are looking for an internship and who are interested in IDCC?   

You cannot know what kind and when an opportunity could come. So, we should be always ready. Identify the capability your internship company wants and try hard to earn the capability. After this progress, demonstrate your ability in the documentation stage and in the interview stage. In the case of the Daegu International Development Cooperation Center internship, build up knowledge about ODA and international development cooperation and express authentically how much you are interested in this field. I hope that all students who read this interview will be able to get an internship and then get a job you want. Thank you!