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A feast of Colors


Spring of 2021, and the winding summer. The symbol of spring and summer is the dynamic of new life. I will introduce exhibitions that capture beauty that can only be felt in this season.


team Lab: Life is an exhibition that aims to realize the beauty of life with overwhelming and immersive works of art by making the most of the characteristics of DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza)'s complex cultural space. In addition, the work deviates from the concept of frame and encourages the viewer's direct intervention in the work, thereby realizing the creativity inherent in the subject, and proposing an area of art where the boundaries that naturally blend into the work are broken.

teamLab’ is an international art collective, an interdisciplinary group of various specialists such as artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects whose collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, and the natural world. Therefore ‘TeamLab’ aims to explore the relationship between the self and the world and new perceptions through art. In order to understand the world around them, people separate it into independent entities with perceived boundaries between them. ‘teamLab’ seeks to transcend these boundaries in our perception of the world, of the relationship between the self and the world, and of the continuity of time. Everything exists in a long, fragile yet miraculous, borderless continuity of life. The introduction statement regarding this exhibition is: ‘Nature brings us both blessings and disaster, and with the progress of civilization, there are benefits and negative implications: nature and civilization are always connected. There is no absolute malicious intent or universal beauty. There is no easy way to understand this relationship and no simple way to arrange our feelings and our sensitivities toward it. Nevertheless, we want to affirm that we are alive regardless of the situation. Life is beautiful.


<The Museum of Colors> is an exhibition where you can think about the colors you always encounter in your daily life. Herman Hesse said ‘Numeric colors blend together to create a masterpiece’. As he said, color is one of the essential elements of our lives, and we perceive the world through the various visual stimuli of the many colors that surround us. Color is also a source of infinite inspiration for artists. This exhibition is designed to give viewers a full appreciation of the beauty of the colors they can find in you’re their work and life.

[Point one: Gracious Invitation, BLACK]

Black used to be thought of as a color with negative meanings such as death, sadness, and frustration, but today Black is a color that represents dignity, elegance, and simplicity. In the exhibition room, visitors could enjoy the works of Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva, who has been making a fairy tale-like world of works through world-class attractions.

[Point two: Lady Papaver, RED]

Red has an important place in the history of color, symbolizing noble values such as courage, love, passion and sacrifice. This showroom strongly shows that red is an irreplaceable color, and it catches our eye.

[Point three: For All Dreamers of Dreams, PINK]

Pink originated from the pinkish-colored paraengi flower in the West, and its meaning expanded when it was collectively called women's cosmetics in the East. This exhibition room contains the symbolism of Pink, which has changed from the distant past to the present.

[Point four: The Sea as I Remember It, BLUE]

Blue is the color of the sea that we know and is a mysterious color that changes constantly depending on the intensity of sunlight, the depth of the sea, the intensity of the waves, and all the elements that make up the sea. This exhibition room is a place of memories where you can beautifully paint the color of the sea as though you were walking along the beach with someone.

[Point five: One Day in August, SUNSET]

As the sun approaches Earth in the middle of the day, a brief wave of blue light scatters, creating a clear blue sky. And as the sun goes down, longer and longer wavelengths of light - orange, pale pink, or red light - dye the sky. This exhibition room is modeled after the ever-changing beauty of nature, especially the colors of the sky.

[Point six: A Walk on a Spring Day, VIVID]

The yellow forsythia, rape flowers, dandelion, red tulip, and spring walk are vivid colors of feast that blend with the blue sky. This exhibition room is a place where you can walk along a walkway full of spring vibes through the vivid colors and shining individuality of pop artists.

[Point seven: A Moment of Magic, RAINBOW]

Jenner Torun travels through urban industrial and developmental areas, discovering buildings, capturing geometric properties, and constructing a new world with lines, faces and colors. This exhibition room shows the charm of photography through exquisite instant capture, and expresses the architectural elements of a rainbow-like harmonious work.

[Point eight: Evergreen Garden, GREEN]

Green is a color that symbolizes spring, the growth period of life, or vitality itself, and a color that symbolizes nature, peace and recovery. This exhibition room is a place where modern people, who are busy without a break, can regain their composure and offer comfort.

[Point nine: Beyond, Fantasy, COLOR PALETTE]

Just as not everyone lives with just one personality, so does color. The exhibition room is a space where you can try various colors of your mind on the canvas called ‘I’ as you pass through the door of one color, feeling the joy of welcoming you with another unexpected color.

Finally, I would like to conclude with an impressive phrase. ‘Everything in this world shines and has a color of its own, and so do you. Please do not forget. How beautiful your color is. -Colorfully Yours, Museum of Colors’. Trusting that everything will bloom beautifully, in time.